The purpose of this blog is to explore the following:

  • Improving our society requires we study our “business as usual” approach and  make choices we believe will make our daily life better. Business as usual is the “It” of Choose To Make It.
  • Improving “business as usual” behaviors, techniques, traditions, and strategies in any industry or culture does not just happen. Individuals and groups need to choose to make it better, stronger, more efficient, equitable, profitable, marketable, or whatever the desired evolution will be.
  • Choose To Make It is a project specifically exploring the ideas and ways to understand charity, philanthropy, and the “Do Good Economy” to then identify effective strategies and choice actions to improve the “business as usual” behaviors of this part of our society.
  • Increasingly and for the better, our society has increased its expectations of the people and institutions who pledge to serve our communities for the common good. In doing so, “business as usual” across institutions and governments–local, state, national, and international alike, have begun to be evaluated with greater scrutiny to assess if they deliver the outcomes they promise. These evaluations often come back with more disappointment than inspiration. Too quickly, disappointment moves us to say the strategy needs complete consideration and potential abolishment.
  • However, to do a thorough consideration of where to go from here, we need to have a clear vision of what we want to see. That means to even have a conversation about taking steps to improve “business as usual” we need to take the time to truly identify where we want to go.
  • Choose To Make It explores strategies individuals and institutions are using to identify and articulate clear paths forward in the Do Good Economy and the choices being made to bring those strategies to fruition.

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